UDTS INTRADAY Screener is meant for learning and understanding of Trend ONLY. Stock trading based on screener is strictly prohibited.
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Unidirectional Trade Strategy (UDTS©) is a copyright © of IFMC, Delhi.
Developed by IFMC Institute, Delhi for their students.
Disclaimer: This tool is designed for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only and to quickly screen the stocks based on UDTS© strategy. You are advised to check the stock manually also. This tool or developers of this tool do not take any responsibility in case of any loss made while taking any trade basis on point-of-view of this tool. Stocks market is subject to risk, do not invest/trade without consulting your financial advisor personally.

Price data sourced from third-party API, price updates are not accurate to CMP, unless indicated. Please be aware of the risk's involved in trading & seek independent advice, if necessary.
For any query and clarification, email us at info@ifmcinstitute.com