UDTS INTRADAY Screener is meant for learning and understanding of Trend ONLY. Stock trading based on screener is strictly prohibited.

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This screener is meant for students who have completed IFMC - UDTS© strategy course.
For new people, It is advised to first learn UDTS© strategy offered by IFMC.
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In March 2018, IFMC launched Uni-Directional Trade Strategies (UDTS©), a bunch of 9 strategies to trade in Intraday and Positional. UDTS© raised the benchmark in the stock market education. UDTS© empowers the common man to trade with simplicity and confidence in the stock market. An innovation of IFMC and brainchild of our Sr. Research Analyst Mr. Manish Taneja, UDTS© became globally popular in a short span and crossed similar viewership and become popular in 151 countries.

IFMC believes in constant upgradation and UDTS© Intraday Screener (UDTS©-IS) is yet another jewel in the crown of IFMC. Now on popular demand of students and viewers all over the world. IFMC has launched an automated version of UDTS©. Now stock market learning becomes easier with UDTS© Intraday Screener. UDTS©-IS is an automated version of UDTS© strategy by using artificial intelligence.
This screener helps investors and traders to select bullish & bearish stocks quickly on UDTS© parameters. UDTS© is based on 6 parameters (refer to UDTS© course) by IFMC. On the basis of UDTS© parameters, UDTS© IS screens almost 500 stocks of NSE and shows the applied resultant if UDTS© parameter on those stocks. Thus it shows the stocks with the highest probability to rise or fall.

Tools offered by Intraday Screener/Scanner

UDTS© has 3 sections:
  1. Individual Stock Search:
    Search approx. 480 (As per stock lost) individual stocks on UDTS parameters.
  2. Intraday Monitor
    This is an advanced screener in live market. UDTS shows all parameters of UDTS and screens almost 480 stocks of NSE which shows the applied resultant as per UDTS parameters. This section has further 4 sections
    1. All – It shows all bullish and bearish stocks fulfilling the UDTS criteria.
    2. UP – It shows bullish stock fulfilling the UDTS criteria.
    3. Down – It shows bearish stocks fulfilling the UDTS criteria.
    4. Watch Listed -This Section shows the stocks selected in watch list. You can add maximum 10 scripts in your watch list. The stock you have chosen in watch list will not be reflected in watch listed if it does not fulfill EOD criteria (Monthly/Weekly/Daily)
  3. Watchlist
    Watch list can be created up to 10 stocks of your choice.But make sure watchlist stocks should be present on UDTS SCREENER(EOD PARAMETRES)

Unique Features


This automated version of UDTS© parameters helps students to quickly filter the trending bullish & bearish stocks, which automatically updated every 15 minutes with latest trends.


UDTS© intraday screener also provides a student to make their watchlist to concentrate stocks of their choice.


UDTS© also shows the power of trend which helps the students to determine the right time to enter or exit the stock.

For Traders, by Traders

UDTS© intraday screener is a ready reckoner designed for the stock market beginners, traders and investors to get the trending stocks at a glance.

450+ Stocks

Screener filter 450+ stocks of NSE based on 6 exclusive parameters of UDTS©.

UDTS Screener vs UDTS Intraday Screener

UDTS Screener UDTS Intraday Screener
Monthly/Weekly/Daily Trend
Intraday Biggest Trend
Intraday 15 minutes Trend
Update Frequency End of Day Every 15 minutes
Pricing FREE 1 Month, Rs. 999/-
3 Months, Rs. 2400/-
6 Months, Rs. 4500/-
1 Year, Rs. 8100/-
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Unidirectional Trade Strategy (UDTS©) is a copyright © of IFMC, Delhi.
Developed by IFMC Institute, Delhi for their students.
Disclaimer: This tool is designed for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only and to quickly screen the stocks based on UDTS© strategy. You are advised to check the stock manually also. This tool or developers of this tool do not take any responsibility in case of any loss made while taking any trade basis on point-of-view of this tool. Stocks market is subject to risk, do not invest/trade without consulting your financial advisor personally.

Price data sourced from third-party API, price updates are not accurate to CMP, unless indicated. Please be aware of the risk's involved in trading & seek independent advice, if necessary.
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